Manual Student Enrollment Application

Please download and complete the below IAD enrollment form for 2014 - 15 and then contact the administrative assistant or the principal during regular school hours for in-person student enrollment procedures. If you need help during evening hours or weekends, please contact the IAD Committee members below.

Br. Ahmed Abouzeid (

Br. Mohammed Yusuf Sarwar (

Br. Bashir Mansoori (

Br. Mohammed Feroz Madiwale (


IAD Enrollment/Registration Form 2013-2014 | PDF


Please bring the following fees/documents along with enrollment form

  • Registration Fee for New Students: $100/-
  • Registration Fee for Returning Students: $75/-
  • Physical Health/Immunization Records
  • Birth Certificate
  • Academic Records: Report Cards and/ or Progress Reports of current and Previous Grades


Alternatively, you may choose to use our online student registration form in this website.

Please note:

Upon filling out the registration form, candidate is put on the waiting list for registration for the year. Parents need to reach out to the Principal/IAD committee members with the necessary documents/fees, in order to go through the enrollment process.

Filling out the enrollment  form for your child does not guarantee admission to the school. Final decision will be made by the school administration upon review of documents and seat availability.