Zenab Elderly
Masood Khan
Lutfia Ghaleb
ZamZam Kallibala
Sharey Haque
Stacie Perry
Abdul Randolph



  1. Election of officers
  2. PTO actions to accomplish and achieve



  1. Meeting was called to order at approximately 7:35am. Sister Zenab chaired the meeting.
  2. It was decided that the offices of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and PTO-IAD board representative needed to be filled.
  3. Each office is an elected office and individuals are nominated to fill the positions.
  4. Committee members vote and majority wins
  5. Concerns about school security
  6. Informed that security service contracts are being looked over


Action Items

  1. Election- by ballot
  2. Counting of ballots (Sister Stacie)
  3. Committee decided that we would benefit from having 2 treasurers in office (unanimous)
  4. Next meeting and agenda items


Next Meeting Agenda Items

If you have any additional items please email them to me Next meeting will be held on February 21, 2017 @7:30am

  1. School Security “Where do we stand?
  2. Outreach Event IAD- “Let’s Get Clean”
  3. School Maintenance- “Making it better”
  4. Invite student representative- “Get student input of what they would like to see”
  5. Vision for the future- “What will tomorrow bring?”