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Islamic Studies

The cornerstone of the education for students at Islamic Academy of Delaware is the formation of their Islamic faith. The focus of the Islamic Studies curriculum is to familiarize the students with the Islamic beliefs and practices, and to enhance their understanding of the practical dimension of their faith. The approach we use is designed to instill a love for Allah SWT and an appreciation of the Prophetic example. To accomplish this, students get daily instruction in three basic areas: Islamic Studies, Qur’anic Studies and the Arabic Language. 


The curriculum is built around a series of value-based themes, and incorporates age-appropriate learning materials and activities. As students progress from one grade level to the other, they learn how to practice the basic rituals of worship, Ibadat, and the Articles of Faith. They learn important parts of the life of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and recognize his significance to Muslims and the world. They learn about the lives of other prophets and analyze their stories for important lessons.


Students in the higher grades are also introduced to Islamic History and Civilization, and learn about Muslims in the contemporary world.  The Qur’anic studies program consists of the study, memorization, recitation and reading of the Qur’an, and emphasizes the understanding of the Qur’an which will serve as guidance in the lives of students. 

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