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Registration Fees : (Non-refundable)

  • New Students: $100.00 per student

  • Returning Students: $75.00 per student


Books Fee:  $150/Student (Nonrefundable after school starts)

Activities Fee: $150/Student (Nonrefundable after school starts)

Tuition and Distribution:

PK3: $5000*

PK4: $4500*

KG-5th : $3300*

6th-8th : $3850*

Additional siblings receive a discount of $250 per child regardless of enrollment grade. Tuition for the 6th child is free.

*Activity Fee covers the awards and prizes etc. for school wide competitions and extracurricular events. Fees do not cover field trips, or graduation fees.

* A 10% subsidy on the yearly tuition has been granted for all grades.


Newly admitted students: In addition to book and activities fees, parents will pay registration fees plus 25% of the total annual tuition upon admission. Remaining balance will be paid in three subsequent equal installments as scheduled below.


Returning Student: Tuition is paid in four equal installments as follows:


1st Installment: August 20th

2nd Installment: October 1st

3rd Installment: December 2nd

4th installment: February 3rd


Those who choose to pay their annual tuition in full on or before August 19 will receive a 5% Discount.


Parents of students who may be admitted during the school year must pay their registration fees plus 25% of the total annual tuition immediately upon admission. Subsequent installments will follow the above schedule. 


Late Payments:


All installments must be paid in full by the due date. A $25 late fee will be charged for any late payment not made by the deadline.


Refund Policy:


Registration fees are due upon admission and are not refundable

Tuition is refundable in full before the 1st day of classes.

After school starts only those who paid their total annual tuition in full are entitled to a refund as follows:

80% of total annual tuition paid if withdrawn by the 1st week of school.

50% of total annual tuition paid if withdrawn by the 2nd week of school.

15% of total annual tuition paid if withdrawn by the 3rd week of school.

No refunds will be issued thereafter.

Students who are removed from the school for reason of expulsion, disciplinary measure, or for any other reason where the school sees appropriate for the welfare of the child or that of the school public and environment are not entitled to any refund.

 For more details please see IAD enrollment application form