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 Science and Math Olympiad 2019

Planes, towers, potions, criminals and poisons! The Islamic Academy of Delaware is working on the beginning steps of their participation in the Science Olympiad. From physics, mechanics, and chemistry, our mentors are actively working to meet the challenges of this competition. Our students are participating in 10 events with 15 students intently working on the nuances of their individual challenges and obstacles. 


In our determination to provide solid STEM students, the Islamic Academy of Delaware is participating in the International Math Olympiad! They are competing with students across the globe in 5 monthly contests to access their growth in computing math problems and deciphering word problems. They are working with their mentor Br. Irfan weekly to tighten and intensify their participation and stimulate enthusiasm and a love for Mathematics.

Test Tubes

Science Fair 2019

The annual science fair is rapidly approaching. We are looking forward to what the students have in store. Students will use specific guidelines which include the scientific method to complete their projects. There is lots of time, research and effort that will go into each project. 


Spelling Bee

January 30, 2019

On Wednesday, January 30 our schoolwide spelling bee took place in the multipurpose hall. Congratulations to the winners and their parents.
The school champion will be heading to compete in the Statewide spelling competition.

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