When considering all applicants, we take into account both the suitability of our educational program for the prospective student and the availability of places within the school. 

The following are the requirements of registering your child upon acceptance at our school:


PROOF OF AGE: The parents of all children entering KG are requested to provide proof (Birth Certificate or Resident Visa) that their children are 4 years or older on or before August 31st of the enrollment year. 


IMMUNIZATION RECORDS: To ensure all students are safe, the Islamic Academy of Delaware requires that all students be immunized against certain contagious diseases in accordance with Delaware Law and required immunizations. Prior to registration, all parents are requested to submit up-to-date immunization records and complete health appraisal (within 1 year) for their children.


REGISTRATION FORM: To complete the process, a registration form must be filled out and signed by a parent or legal guardian.